March 4, 2011

Carma Hinton – Fall Courses

HNRS 122:003 Reading the Arts
This course introduces students to some basic concepts and practices of Chinese art. Through in-depth studies of a variety of ancient as well as contemporary art, including painting, calligraphy, sculpture, and architecture, the course will explore the particular ways in which the relationship between convention and innovation, discipline and freedom, community and individuality, and high art and popular art evolved in China’s long cultural tradition. Considerable emphasis will be given to examining the role of art and artist in society.

(T 4:30-7:10 pm)
CHIN 320:001 Contemporary Chinese Film
This course provides a historical overview of Chinese language cinema, focusing on productions from Mainland China.  The story of Chinese cinema is closely entwined with the turbulent history of 20th century China.  Since its beginnings in the early 1900s – during the final years of the last imperial dynasty – Chinese cinema has embodied and responded to the profound challenges brought about by a rapidly changing world.  In exploring this story, we will study the works of a number of key directors and examine moments of dramatic shifts in cinematic style within a broader social and political context.  We will pay particular attention to issues of national, cultural, and gender identities, the relationship between art and politics, and cross-cultural communication.

(Also listed as ARTH 303 and FAVS 399 T 7:20-10:00 pm)