January 25, 2022

Hakeem Oluseyi – Fall Course

TBA xxx:xxx Great Ideas In Science

The discoveries of science, as well as their technological applications, play major roles in your life—roles that impact your family, your health, your job, and much more. It is vital that every citizen understand the nature of science, and how scientists arrive at conclusions regarding health, safety, and the environment. The central objective of this course is to introduce to you the most important principles of science, with an emphasis on understanding science at a level that will allow you to appreciate varied natural phenomena in your daily life, as well as reports in magazines and newspapers. We avoid complex vocabulary and mathematics, while emphasizing a few core principles, as well as the nature of scientific questions, the importance of scientific facts, and the process of scientific discovery as a way of knowing. This course, an integral part of the General Education program, has been designed to empower each of you with the ability to continue learning about science throughout your lifetime and to integrate scientific ideas into other aspects of your life. Scientific principles affect all of us, all the time. You don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate the profound importance of science in everyday life and to be a part of the never-ending adventure of scientific discovery.