January 25, 2022

Hakeem Oluseyi – Spring Courses

HNRS 131:006: Science and Society

Course topic varies by semester and section. Students will pursue a focused question about contemporary social issues. Students consider and apply theories, methods and evidence from the social sciences and humanities. Topics range in focus from global to local issues involving how power and inequality shape social and institutional structures.

(T-TR 9-10:15am)

ASTR 113:009: Stars, Galaxies and Universe

The course introduces our current understanding of the universe. Focusing on stars and galaxies, it is designed to be thought provoking: What are stars and how do they form? How did the universe form and how will it end? What are the most distant objects in the universe and how do we know their distances and properties? These are a few of the questions addressed. In addition, since Astronomy is one of the few sciences for which we cannot directly access the subject of our studies, we will attempt to get an idea of how Astronomers understand the universe through indirect means. We will see that Astronomy is far from an arcane subject and is constantly changing as new observations allow us to understand the universe better, a universe of which we are an integral part.

(T-TR 3-4:15pm)