Welcome to The Robinson Professors of George Mason University

In 1984, a large bequest from businessman Clarence Robinson allowed George Mason University to attract a number of outstanding scholars with national and international reputations at what was then a much smaller and less well-known regional university.  Their mission was to teach undergraduates, raise the stature and reputation of the university with their writing and research and assist then-President George Johnson and his successors in transforming it to a national center for innovation and research. Although distinguished in fields and disciplines ranging from the physical and social sciences to humanities, the arts, law and journalism, all have had a keen interest in looking at the world through an interdisciplinary lens in ways that are accessible to a wide range of students.

Since then, both the university and the program have evolved rapidly toward Johnson’s vision, and many departments boast world-class scholars among their faculty. The more recently appointed Robinson Professors have been public intellectuals with national reputations and a desire to bring their real-world knowledge and personal passions to undergraduate teaching. Although some Robinson professors remain members of the permanent faculty, more recent appointments have been as visiting professors for one or two years.  Appointments are made by the Provost, in consultation with the President and an advisory committee of deans and faculty.