An Interview with Robinson Professor Steven Pearlstein

This summer, Professor Pearlstein was interviewed by the Mason News Desk about his first year of teaching at Mason.

From the interview:

“You’re a full-time professor but you still do a demanding column for the Washington Post, a job many would find full-time in itself. How do you manage the time?

I’m not a good juggler. I’m here four days a week, and then on Thursdays at noon I turn into a columnist. I usually leave, but sometimes I close the door here and become a reporter, and I write the column on Friday afternoon. I have a research assistant who helps me. But if you do [this kind of work] long enough, you can do it relatively quickly. Since I’ve been at Mason, my column has gotten longer, and people ask if that’s intentional. No it’s not intentional, it’s because I don’t have time to make it shorter.”

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