August 27, 2012

August 2012 Accolades

Robert Hazen, Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences, presented lectures on “Unanswered Questions in Deep Carbon Research” at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in New York, the Geochemical Society meeting in Montreal, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. He also presented lectures on “Mineral Evolution” at Boston College, MIT, the Geochemical Society meeting in Montreal and the National Science Foundation.

Hugh Heclo, Robinson Professor of Public Affairs, coached high school students from the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School representing Virginia in the “We the People, the Citizen and the Constitution” competition held annually in Washington, D.C. They won second place in this national championship competition.

Carma Hinton, Robinson Professor of Visual Culture and Chinese Studies, introduced her award-winning documentary, “The Gate of Heavenly Peace,” at a screening at The Museum of Chinese in America in New York.

John Paden, Robinson Professor of International Studies, presented “Postelection Conflict Management in Nigeria,” to the Council on Foreign Relations.

James Trefil, Robinson Professor of Physics, presented “Copernicus and Copernicium 112” Plenary Address at the Polish American Arts Association. He also wrote “Problem Sets” with Sarah Swartz for Physics Today, May 2012; “The Planet in a Pebble” for “Quarterly Review of Biology, June 2012; and “Space Atlas: Mapping the Universe and Beyond,” for National Geographic Books. He was named editor in chief of a multivolume reference work on scientific discovery to be published by MacMillan/Cengage.