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Not Your Grandfather’s Origin of Life Theory

The Santa Fe Institute Bulletin vol. 26, 2012 reviews the Origin of Life Theory resulting from fifty years of study carried out by Professor Morowitz and his colleagues at George Mason University and the Santa Fe Institute. Changes in the

Mason and the Santa Fe Institute Plan STEM Summer Program for High School Teachers

Robinson Professor Harold Morowitz is a part of a planning committee for a summer program for high school science teachers. The program is being planned by George Mason University and the Santa Fe Institute, focusing on “The Origin of Life

Colloquium on “The Origins of Life”

On Friday, November 19th, 2010, Robinson Professor Harold Morowitz gave a presentation to students in the Honors College. He spoke about the origins of life describing how scientists look at the “phenomenon from the top down by looking for molecular features

Transition Metal Catalysts Led to Origin of Life?

WASHINGTON: Scientists have proposed that a third type of catalyst , apart from biochemicals-such as amino acids and nucleotides and biological catalysts (proteins or ribozymes), was responsible for origin of life on Earth . According to Harold Morowitz of George

Professor Morowitz Has Works Published

Harold Morowitz, Robinson Professor of Biology and Natural Philosophy, cowrote “Ligand Field Theory and the Origin of Life as an Emergent Feature of the Periodic Table,” which was published in the Biological Bulletin 219, 2010. He also cowrote “How Life