December 1, 2011

December 2011 Accolades

Robinson Professors

Robert Hazen, Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences, presented a keynote lecture on mineral evolution at the Dasan Conference on Earth Evolution in Gyeong-ju, Korea. He also presented the lecture “Genesis: The Scientific Quest for Life’s Origins” at Hampshire College, and “Mineralogical Coevolution of the Geo-Sphere and Biosphere” at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Harold Morowitz, Robinson Professor of Biology and Natural Philosophy, presented a lecture, “Life, the Fourth Geosphere,” as part of an Open Questions forum at the Potomac School in McLean, Va. He also wrote “Life on Venus,” which was published in Astrobiology, Vol.11, No. 9. He was appointed special articles editor of the Astrobiology Journal.

James Trefil, Robinson Professor of Physics, presented “Science and the Law” for the Judicial Advisory Council of the Law and Economics Center in Fairfax, Va. He also wrote with a student, “Problems with Problem Sets” for Physics Today, November 2011.