November 23, 2010

November 2010 Accolades

Robinson Professors

Robert Hazen, Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences, was named the 2011 Linneaus Lecturer of the University of Uppsala, Sweden. The lecture and awards dinner will take place in February 2011. Hazen also gave the 2010 Distinguished Scientist Lecture on “Mineral Evolution” at Trinity University in San Antonio, Tex. He also lectured at the University of Tennessee and at Rutgers University on “Mineral Evolution,” “The Deep Carbon Cycle” and “The Origins of Life.”

Carma Hinton, Robinson Professor of Visual Culture and Chinese Studies, presented “U.S. – China Relations and Development in China” at the Workshop on Advanced Hydrology and Climate Change, which was sponsored by Mason’s Environmental Science and Technology Center and Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute.

John Paden, Robinson Professor of International Affairs, lectured at the U.S. Department of State Ambassadors Seminar on “Northern Nigerian Economy, Politics and Religion: Muslim Practice, Activism, and Interfaith Relations.” He also lectured at the State Department’s National Foreign Affairs Training Center on “Islam in Africa: The Nigerian Case.”

James Trefil, Robinson Professor of Physics, presented “Scientists and the Media” at the Jackson Hole Symposium held in Denver.