September 2011 Accolades

Robinson Professors

Shaul Bakhash, Robinson Professor of History, spoke at a meeting at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., on recent political developments in Iran. He also spoke on Iran at a conference in Athens, Greece.

Spencer R. Crew, Robinson Professor of American, African American, and Public History, was the lead historian for a weeklong teacher workshop in Pueblo, Colo., titled “Investigating the Democratic Experience in America.”

Robert Hazen, Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences, presented lectures on mineral evolution at the Geochemical Society meeting in Prague, and at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Mont. He was also elected councilor of the International Society for the Study of the Origins of Life.

Hugh Heclo, Robinson Professor of Public Affairs, wrote the chapter “The Once and Future Chief Executive” in the book “The Presidency in the 21st Century,” edited by Charles Dunn.

Carma Hinton, Robinson Professor of Visual Culture and Chinese Studies, chaired a panel titled “Learning from Long Bow: Research and Reflections on One Chinese Village” at the Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting. She was also a discussant for a symposium titled “Just Images: Ethics and Chinese Documentary” at Harvard University. She gave the graduation address at the Putney School in Vermont. She also delivered four lectures on Chinese culture for the City University of Hong Kong: “Tethered Tiger, Captured Dragon: Clearing Out Demons from Mountain Woods”; “Water, Fire, and Strange Creatures: Traditional Elements in Contemporary Chinese Painting”; “Destruction, Survival and Transformation: Traditional Huizhou Architecture and Its Fate through Revolution and Reform”; and “Ruins, Gate, and Square: Changing Symbolism of Imperial Structures.”

John Paden, Robinson Professor of International Studies, presented a paper on “Responses to the Boko Haram Extremist Movement in Northern Nigeria: The Challenge of Grassroots Engagement” at an international conference in Germany.

Steven Pearlstein, Robinson Professor of Public and International Affairs, won a Gerald Loeb award for lifetime achievement in business and financial journalism.

James Trefil, Robinson Professor of Physics, gave the keynote address at the Conference on University-Community Partnerships at Aurora University on “Scientific Literacy: What It Is, Why We Don’t Have It, and How We Can Get It.”

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